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The POSITIVE METAMORPHOSIS of UFO Alien Contact Experiencers 2016

UFO Alien News 2016

Probably the most important finding of our FREE Experiencer Research Study is the complete transformation of individuals that have had contact with UFO related non-human intelligence which resulted in a NEW POSITIVE psychological profile of the Experiencer. Here is what our survey of more than 3,400 Experiencers told us about this transformation compared to when BEFORE their experiences began: 
1. More loving and compassionate to others than before increased significantly; 
2. More Spiritual than before increased significantly;
3. The belief that their life now has a “purpose” has significantly increased; 
4. More tolerant and acceptance of others has significantly increased; 
5. They have become much more ecological, more concerned about nature; 
6. They became less materialistic and money plays minor role in their life; 
7. They became less religious and more spiritual
8. Their appreciation of the ordinary things of live has significantly increased;
9. Their understanding of themselves increased significantly;
10. Their fear of death decreased significantly;
11. Etc, etc, etc. 
We duplicated over 52 questions from Dr. Kenneth Ring's book, "The Omega Project", where he undertook a statistical study comparing 100 NDE Experiencers with 100 UFO Contact Experiencers. His conclusion was that both groups had undergone a complete physiological transformation for the "Positive" and that in fact they had transformed to the exact personality profile. We duplicated the EXACT findings of those of Dr. Ring's research study. Attached is the PDF findings, via Pie Charts, of this complete "Metamorphosis" of the UFO related Contact Experiencer.http://experiencer.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Phase-2-Life-Changes-Inventory.pdf   Contact Experiencers. http://experiencer.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Phase-2-Life-Changes-Inventory.pdf credit Reinerio Hernandez

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