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The Integratron 1950's UFO ET Time Machine

On August 24, 1953 Van Tassel UFO ET Contactee was awakened by a man from Venus named Solganda who looked human and spoke English. The man gave Van Tassel blueprints for a wooden dome that spins and creates a powerful electromagnetic field which creates anti-gravity and time travel, and promotes human health through cellular rejuvenation. Van Tassel also incorporated the writings of Nikola Tesla to come up with the structure known as “The Integratron” (shown above). Made without nails or screws that could with the machine’s conductive properties, the structure is ringed by a rotating wheel of metal spikes. He chose the site in the Mojave Desert north of Joshua Tree National Park for the structure because of its proximity to magnetic vortices and its relationship to the Great Pyramids in Giza. Mostly paid for by Howard Hughes, it took Van Tassel 18 years to build The Integratron

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