The Huge UFO Flying Saucer Military Buried Near Garrison Utah

UFO Crash Site Utah Map

UFO News: UFO was about 150 to 200 feet in diameter. It was far too big for even the “Blue Berets” to move so it was decided to bury it on the spot. Hundreds of soldiers with shovels began digging, days and weeks went by. Settling little by little they finally got the top of it about 50 feet below ground level. They then started the massive job of shoveling the dirt back in and around and trying to make it look like nothing had ever happened. While all of the digging to bury the UFO saucer was going on they also dug a tunnel from the saucer several hundred feet to the south where they built 2 or 3 houses. The houses were constructed so that they looked like they were about 75 years old. 

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