The Great UFO Alien Conspiracy Video 2017

This is blocked in the British Isles due to copyright, yet Ch 4 will not make this available in any format to the UK and Ireland despite its single night of broadcast almost 20 months ago. 
This forward thinking documentary was aired by Channel 4 (UK)'s sister channel More 4, in early 2015. Shot in early 2014. It features Miles Johnston, Tony Topping, Matthew Williams, Timothy Good and for the first time the (late) Max Spiers. Many of his questions and statements were bleeped out. With his alleged assassination this is uploaded for public information purposes. Hopefully Channel 4 will allow this to be made available once more so people can see what Max Spiers had to say. In many respects this was ground breaking documentary by Plum Pictures for Channel 4, bearing in mind the Comedy Defamockumentary "Confessions of an Alien Abductee", where all promises and faith was destroyed by a late decision to mock the honestly given statements by vulnerable witnesses, and baring in mind the tragic and terrible circumstances of Marie Kayali, who's late daughter was allegedly murdered during the filming of that AMMACH crashing program 2 years before. Marie suffered terribly, and remained focused during those terrible months. Miles was originally NOT under any circumstances to be on this 2nd documentary, but after Richard D Hall slagged off and stupidly mocked Channel 4 and the producers of this documentary, Miles was effectively brought in as a producer and co-presenter of the More 4 documentary, ending with a clip on the River Thames at full low tide, right under the famous MI6 building in central London, giving mainstream the very first public mention of the threat from Black Goo, (ref Falklands War and Nazi Bell)

Much of the information, especially from circle maker Matthew Williams is first ever time on mainstream. I met the presenter of the show recently who gave his respects to Max, and was very saddened by his loss. Features great shots of the famous Barge Inn, Honeystreet Wiltshire, home of the crop circles, and "Alien Beer", and those famous British 'alien bases' Boscombe Down, and Porton Down, 

This is a Plum Pictures production, copyright is theres, and published through Channel 4's MORE 4 digital channel. Hopefully this upload can stay here so more people can see what was ground breaking UK UFO documentary.

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