Strange UFO Sightings Create Multiple Mysteries

UFO News: A U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Group on practice maneuvers encounters strange UFO Sightings . A number of active duty Navy personnel witness the unknowns "UFOs" that move erratically and accelerate at unbelievable speeds. Scrambled Navy jet fighters chase  and are chased by these unusual craft. Images of the cylindrical/round UFOs are taken and they are tracked by military radar equipment. Non-Disclosure Agreements are enacted and a cover-up by the Navy ensues. An active Department of Defense UFO study investigates the events and officially concludes that what was encountered were true unknowns.

as seen on the TV series “Sightings” - Season 3, Episode 17 - “UFOs Over FDR” (aired 2-5-1995) report on the USS Roosevelt and Operation Mainbrace UFO Encounters of the 1950's. Credit M.Huntington


Operation Mainbrace Alien UFO Photographed.jpg

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