Strange UFO Sighting Reported Black Helicopters Chasing UFOs New York

At approximately 10:30 pm I felt the entire house start to vibrate initially I thought it was a tractor trailer because we live next to a main highway but as the vibrating intensified. I stood up and ran out my front door and had a UFO Sighting of Two Circle Shaped Flying Objects with extremely bright green lights flashing green lights. The objects seemed to be flying in a downward angle and also my looked connected to each other or flying extremely close together. At this point, phone in hand to shocked to even think to record I yelled out at the top of my lungs W.T.F IS THAT. Following extremely close to this UFO Sighting was a Black or Dark colored Helicopter after the initial event three more large black helicopters came following in the same direction. I’m Not saying I just witnessed a UFO Sighting, but whatever I just saw was extremely strange and the fact that 4 large black helicopters were following it made it even stranger. So I leave you with this W.T.F DID I JUST SEE !  Commack  New York  8/8/20

Black Helicopter Chases UFO

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