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Strange UFO Sighting appear's over Charlotte NC

At approximately 3:30 a.m. EST on July 12th 2019, while on work break in South Charlotte I heard a strange whooshing sound for about 5 minutes, I looked up and did not initially see anything. The sound continued, but did not get louder nor distant, then I saw a single red UFO blinking light followed by 3 very bright and vibrant white lights (brighter than those that come from Xenon gas bulbs) that flashed one at a time making a line pattern in a different direction than the red light, making it appear as if the UFO Sighting was changing course, however, when the red light would re-appear, it was at the front of the direction the UFO Sighting was moving, and the white lights were angled off to the side. If all those lights were to be illuminated at once, it would have made an “L” shape. I see all types of commercial and military air craft here at night especially being in the flight pattern of the airport, I have also seen weather balloons, satellites (no blinking to their lights) and the international space station fly over. None of which had the sound or light patterns I experienced tonight. The strangest part of this UFO Sighting experience was that when my eyes focused on those lights as it was directly above my head, the sound ceased. Even as the UFO passed and what you would usually hear from the rear of a craft, as it passes by, there was complete silence as I watched it move overhead then eventually out of sight. I have to add, I am a total skeptic and I have tried for hours to make logic of this experience, but the more I try, the more questions I have. Most importantly, if it were a military type jet propulsion aircraft the sound is more like a constant distant thunder (even when it is very high in the sky) that gets louder as it gets closer, then the sound gradually fades. This was not at all like anything I have ever heard…the sound was more like the noise an MRI machine makes at top speed.

Strange UFO Sighting appear's over Charlotte NC 2019

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