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Strange Red-Orange UFO Sighting

My girlfriend and I were sitting in the garage after working in the yard all day when I heard her yell to me to come quick. I was sending a text message to my supervisor at work so I did not come immediately and said hold on. She repeated no you need to come now so I ran over to her and she pointed in the sky. The UFO was a mostly red but somewhat Orange Ball in the sky that was about the size of a star given my perspective. My girlfriend took out her phone and started videoing the UFO Sighting. It moved slightly to our respective left (west) then moved back to the right (east) to about the position it was originally. We live near an airport and we constantly see private and military planes and helicopters in the sky both day and night but this was completely different. It was not blinking and it was Red as opposed to white like most aircraft. It slowly faded in brightness until I could still see an UFO in the sky that was not emitting light for a few seconds before it completely disappeared. In the Video UFO Sighting appears white but with the naked eye it was red. Very strange. MUFON CMS# 107278 Ponchatoula Louisiana 3/28/20 Region has had 813 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 

UFO Orange Ball in the sky                                  

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