Strange Metallic Triangular or Pentagonal shaped UFO Reported Dallas Texas

We were in the backyard on the evening of August 19th, 2021. We saw what we initially thought were three different planes flying in the sky, one small, privately owned plane low flying, and two commercial planes that appeared to be at cruising altitude. We quickly realized that one of the "commercial planes" did not look like a plane at all. It wasn't shaped like a plane, and it wasn't moving in a normal, uniform way. It also came from a very high elevation, to a much lower elevation, in an unusually short amount of time. I ran in to grab binoculars, and through the binoculars, I saw something that was unusually shaped possibly diamond/triangular/pentagonal shaped ? And there appeared to be 4-6 lights/engines/something glowing, emanating from the UFO, but we didn't see anything that looked like a heat signature, or any other signs of propulsion. UFO Sighting appeared to be a silver/metallic shiny object. One of us thought the shape had a haze around it. When I gave the binoculars to the other person, and I looked back, the shape/craft/thing was gone. We only saw the single object, but the sky also seemed to have silver flashes occurring while we saw the UFO, but that could have just been glare from the sun. It was a perfectly clear sky, and the sun was still shining. The two people that saw this UFO Sighting are both college educated, and have professional occupations. Neither people have ever seen or reported anything like this prior to the 19th of August. Dallas Texas 8/19/21. Duration of Sighting: 2min.

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