Strange Black Triangle UFO Sightings Reappear

Since July 21 nearly every day, various jets and airplanes spotted periodically with more frequent UFO Sightings of Black Triangle Craft with White and Red blinking lights and UFO Sightings of white orbs that appear like stars and stationary but that Vibrate and can follow one another or move individually and can speed off leaving a White Cloud Trail. The Black Triangle UFOs can change direction in flight very abruptly, ascend, descend, change speeds quickly, and stop in the air or fly with fast speed. I have seen a large aircraft with white, red, and green light that seems to have a team of Black Triangle UFOs not seemingly in formation. Also have seen various jets that tend to cause my head to feel weird and mess with the tv signal and I think the radio and maybe cell phone. Saw a jet several times over these days that has white led bars on the bottom or long white lights. None of the jets or aircrafts fly with headlights, and I think some fly with no lights. I see from dusk till dawn but more prominent late night into early morning like 9pm to 5 am. Clouds often show when these things appear, and have seen rain and lightning. But cloudy definitely! also seen in the cloud breaks. Looks like the Sahara dust cloud kind of with pink sunset sorta and general brown or dark low hanging clouds. These UFO Sightings fly in low altitude, as well as seemingly higher. I have seen one triangle stop in mid air above tree line, sit for a moment, and disappear into a cloud that seemingly appeared around it. It looked like it landed quickly but I have seen others take off very fast from a stopped position leaving a long thin cloud trail. Some neighbors have seen these too and felt spooked. The animals are also acting strange. Deer are more friendly, Bats are as well. Birds are flying disorganized, as well as insects. I saw a skunk, who did not notice me and was burrowing near the street and walked right past it closely without it noticing me, which was unusual. Bats have flown near me. Birds fly back and forth like they do not know where to go, as well as moths and possibly hummingbirds at night. I have not seen the animals behaving like this in this neighborhood until recently. We recently had 5g installed, and is still being developed here, which is when I noticed more of these. Several military crafts in the months prior to. I hear frequent hums, swooshes, and aircrafts flying. also, the white orbs tend to just float overhead but they reflect light I think and are like floating capsules or satellites or something, maybe drones. Very wild stuff and interesting experiencing all this. Camera would frequently go fuzzy looking at the many UFO Sightings and some crafts would appear as white orbs with bright light dot in the center, but did not appear as such to the naked eye. MUFON cms# 110534 Nashville Tennessee July. 21st 2020 Region has had 1532 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Photo Depiction

Black Triangle UFO with white and red lights

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