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STAR BORN SUPPORT RADIO: Where Experiencers Speak.

Starborn Support Radio broadcast LIVE on the KGRA-dB every Saturday starting at 10pm EST. Only on http://www.kgraradio.com KGRARADIO.COM  

Julia, Jamie and I will be discussing the relationship between Abduction and the Ascension process. Are we being assisted by ET in our evolution into the galactic neighborhood and a higher level of awareness and intelligence? Or, is it a natural evolutionary process? Is it Divine, or are there devious reasons why humans are abducted by various races of universal occupants? Is it an enhancement to Ascension, or is it a ruse for the purpose of dominance or control?

Join us in our discussion. You are cordially invited to join us in the chat room, and post your questions and comments. Questions will be answered; comments will be shared with our audience. Your opinion counts! We might even take a few calls!

During our second hour, we will be hosting our Fearless leader (without a doubt…), Audrey Starborn Hewins. We will be discussing her “Go Fund Me” campaign, and just how important success is to the Experiencers Speak Enlightenment Expo. The Hewins, and Audrey in particular, need assistance this year! Without help, there is a good chance we will not see a conference next year. That would be a tragedy for the hundreds of experiencers who attend, and the thousands who benefit from the online versions of the speaker’s presentation…

Be there with us tonight, 10 pm to midnight, only on KGRA Alternative Talk Radio, The Planet: New information for a new and sometimes very frightening world…

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