Spinning Glowing UFO Sighting Michigan

At approximately 5:00 a:m on July 16th 2020, my wife had woken early, turned on the coffee pot, then decided to step outside with her i-pad to take a couple of photos of the crescent moon. As she gazed up at the moon she noticed an extremely bright UFO light that appeared to be spinning; the light was to the left side of the moon. All of the other stars in the sky were visible and easily identifiable, but this spinning light struck her as highly unusual, so she decided to take some short footage of it. The UFO Sighting appears to be a spinning ball of energy with a smaller ball of light at the center of it. It stayed in a fixed position, not moving in any way, and spinning while emitting energy in all directions like a small sun. She tried taking photos and videos of other actual stars in the sky, but none had an effect anywhere close to what this thing was doing. This is the actual footage of the UFO Sighting, and if you blow it up larger, you can clearly see the spinning and the ball of light at the center of it. After going into the house to pour her first cup of coffee, she decided to go back outside to see if it was still there. UFO Sighting was gone. mufon cms# 110219 Bark River Michigan UFO Sighting Submitted Video unable to link

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