Space Shuttle UFO Sighting Darrington WA Video

In this video clip we examine footage of a Space Shuttle UFO Sighting in Washington State. The UFO Sighting looks very similar to the Space Shuttle as it comes in to land even though the Shuttle never landed in Washington and has been in museums for years now. That leaves us asking the question: what are we looking at? Submitter Description: Actual subject of photo was White Horse Mountain and the meadow. Didn't see the UFO in the photo until I went to crop and color correct it after a number of days. At the time, I was facing into the sun and had to cover up the top of the camera to prevent lens flare. I don't recall any planes or helicopters in the area at the time, but it was hot and windy with many cars on the road so I didn't linger and quickly took the photo and moved on. I don't live in the area, so not certain if that area has any regular commercial air traffic. Either way, it was very interesting to find it in the photo.

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