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A mystery in the central Florida skies UFOs discovered right off our coast but are they regular aircraft or are they something else scientists on the Space Coast still trying to answer that big question are we alone. Mike Magnolia has this close encounter of a Florida kind on the Space Coast, look to the sky you might spot a rocket the Air Force Space-X  those are some of usual suspects but sometimes people see things they can't explain and there's a club for that. A lot of times aircraft are misidentified many many times lens reflections is probably what we get more of anything. John Kenya was a leading member of the Space Coast UFO group which meets a few times a month at Mema's barbecue in Palm Bay to look at footage from possible UFO sightings. Typically they conclude that a picture is a hoax or show something like a weather balloon or a lantern, but I asked him to show me an example of an unsolved case. With an open mind this UFO Video is from the 90's captured by some men on a boat off Florida coast with the camcorder officials at Patrick Air Force Base said this was a visiting air unit and when the group inquired about the reported units home base the trail went cold. I think UFO Disclosure is coming what he's talking about is an announcement from the government that we are not alone and we've known that for a long time. This year 2019 has seen a new level of acknowledgment from the government about UFO Sightings. During the month of June the Senate Intelligence Committee was briefed by the Navy on UFO Sighting activity. Florida Senator Marco Rubio serves on the committee we asked for his comment but have not heard back yet. In September the Navy confirmed that three UFO videos obtained by journalists are indeed UFOs the Navy says it doesn't know what they are. There are more and more UFO sightings and I think it's just our government trying to prepare us for the fact that aliens are going to show up. John's group who believe aliens have been to our moon they point to photographs from NASA's archives that appear to show buildings on the lunar surface like this one. More and more people are being open to the fact that well maybe it's not just nuts and I can't just write it off and say UFOs don't exist. Whether you're a believer or not, the majority of us feel like there's a veil of secrecy over this whole UFO Alien thing. The most recent Gallup poll on the UFO subject finds 68 percent of Americans say the government knows more than it's telling us. Space Coast Mike Mignola Fox 35 News.

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