Silver Spherical Flying Object over I-195 NJ Reported

UFO News Reports A Silver Spherical Flying Object over I-195 moving too fast to catch and disappeared after a few miles.
While driving east on I-195 in Howell, New Jersey from exit 28-B to 31-B, I saw a Silver, Shiny Spherical UFO move over the roadway. UFO Sighting hovered over the roadway well above the tree line and then traveled over the road in an eastward direction, the same direction I was traveling. It continued to move ahead of me and I was unable to catch up to it traveling around 75 mph. I followed it for a few miles and as I approached my exit it vanished from the sky. It seemed to disappear completely instead of flying away. Howell NJ 8/1/20 Photo Depiction.

Car Window UFO Sighting

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