Silent UFO flying fast over California

Four neighbors were sitting in our street (no street lights). we heard a commercial jet fly high above which is a typical flight path for San Jose or San Fran airports. The jet was approximately 20 k feet up. Below the jet and going in a similar direction (from south to north), we saw an UFO that had two white lights. The UFO was not visible but the lights were. the lights appeared to be on the tips and were not blinking. The lights then moved and traded places. the lights 'slid' from one end to the other at one point they crossed over each other. It was very smooth and the UFO Sighting was going very fast. the lights immediately traded places again sliding across the UFO and ending at the left and right tips as it flew north. The UFO then abruptly yet smoothly turned North West and disappeared. this freaked us out as the UFO Sighting was silent and moved very quickly and smoothly. Once the steady lights moved and slid from left to right and right to left trading places, made it even more strange. The UFO Sighting suddenly veered right and disappeared into thin air. It was a clear night, no clouds. This is my first report and I was accompanied by active two law enforcement people. mufon cms# 108157 4/24/20 Capitola California Region has had 10715 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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