Silent Chevron shaped UFO Sighting moving across sky Wellborn FL

Chevron Shaped UFO Sighting reported Wellborn FL 10-11-18

I was sitting on my deck on 10/11/18 looking at the sky. The weather is clear. 2045 I saw a bright UFO light (like a search-light at a distance) UFO Sighting was in the western sky approximately 2 o clock traveling north to south. After about 15 seconds the UFO simply faded and vanished. Again no clouds. No noise and no aircraft strobe. It was a point of bright light about 3 times the size of Venus and many times brighter. Venus had already set behind the trees so its wasn't Venus, and Mars was in the 10 o-clock position. I initially thought it might be the ISS but the shape was not correct. I've seen the ISS many times and it is bright and fades from view, but it is angular in appearance, almost like a Greek cross. Five minutes later I saw a roughly chevron shaped UFO Sighting with bright lights emanating from the front leading edges. This appeared to my north at about the 11 o clock position moving west to east. UFO also slowly faded and vanished. No clouds, no noise, no strobe. I immediately went inside and checked the plane tracker website on the chance it was a plane and I merely misidentified it somehow. No aircraft were shown in the vicinity. I'm retired and I spend a great deal of time plane watching day and night. I am also ex-military (police) and I've worked for the dept. of defense. I know a military aircraft when I see one. And these were not. I often have fighter planes from the neighboring AFB train in the airspace above where I live. (During the day) The sound is deafening. I know it sounds corny but the way these UFOs/craft moved, fading and vanishing reminded me of the old Star Trek and ships cloaking themselves. I know how that sounds but I'm trying to be accurate and convey exactly what I saw. I have only seen/interacted with an unidentified flying object once before and that was in 1989 in Alabama. So its not like I see these things "regularly". I know what I saw. (No it wasn't satellites either. I've seen satellites pass over my place on clear nights and they are tiny TINY points of light---these were larger and much more substantial. So satellites, planes, planets and the ISS are OUT as explanations.

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