Silent Black Triangle UFO With Lights Flying Across Sky

Black Triangle UFO reported over Whitehall PA 9-1-17

A little after 5 am 9/1/17 I witnessed a silent Black Triangle UFO flying across the sky over my house. The sky was very clear and I noticed a bright light in the western sky that at first I thought was a star but it seemed too big and bright and yellowish instead of white. It did not seem to be moving at first but then I noticed it was moving and coming in my direction (eastward). It had 2 rows of semi-large bright lights in the center, 8 of them I believe (these were the ones that made me think it was a bright star at first). It had smaller red lights on the corners and a row of similar size white lights along the back edge. The smaller lights were blinking randomly. The UFO appeared to be about the size of a commercial airplane and moving at a similar speed, but had no wings and there was no sound at all. UFO Sighting Report source

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