Several UFOs Sighted became Nausea & Headache Kentucky

UFO Sighting Kentucky Feb 2017

I was on a ridge off of the Industrial Parkway in Greenup KY with a friend when we noticed a noise that sounded similar to clapping right after that within seconds 3 similar shaped UFOs suddenly appeared over a field a few hundred feet away they all glowed an off green color but it dissipated kinda like heat would. We could not come to a logical explanation as too what it was. One UFO landed and two other's hovered one of the UFOs just vanished in no direction just disappeared and shortly after the second UFO did the same when they disappeared it sounded like thunder or a bang we watched the other UFO on the ground we tried taking a picture but the phone went straight to static and as soon as I unlocked my phone the UFO took off directly straight up and it also sounded like a bang we left immediately towards I-64 and by the time we came to the Grayson exit we had to pull over and have had severe nausea and a fever since then my friend went to the Kings Daughters and I have not talked to her since then now as I have been typing this, I've had diarrhea and a headache. mufon cms# 82204 UFO Sighting Kentucky 2/19/17

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