Round Translucent UFO Sighting

At 7:00 pm EST on 7/5/20 my wife and I and our 2 kids (2 and 10 years old) were outside in the backyard playing. My 2-year-old who has never done this before laid down flat on her back on the deck. She looked at me and said lay down Daddy. So strange but I did and as soon as I did I noticed a white circular or oblong UFO Sighting in the Southern sky. This UFO Sighting did not move, it seemed to be hovering about 15-20,000 feet. There were planes in the sky at the time and they were much higher. This craft was viewed through binoculars and it was more round and translucent. While we were looking at this the 10-year-old said look there is another one. This UFO Sighting was much closer and in the northern sky. It did not move much at all. There was no visible wind and it did not appear to be a balloon. As soon as the new object appeared the southern object seemed to move more south or increase elevations and leave the view. I ran next door and got my neighbor to see it as well thought the binoculars and he was awe struck. The UFO Sighting moved from the north sky to the south and then disappeared. I checked my app sky view and the UFOs were not planets or stars. I also took a screen shot of all flights that were overhead and non-matched. Maumee Ohio 7/5/2020

blue saucer shaped UFO

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