Reported Huge Triangle UFO Sighting over Lake Erie

Large Black UFO Triangle reported Hamburg NY 10-9-18

A friend arrived to drop off some donations to add to what was already in my truck so I could drop them off, while loading the items, I caught an odd reflection in the trucks side mirror that prompted me to look up, I observed a stationary UFO triangle in the sky about 45 degrees from the horizon in a westerly direction from where we were standing, I told my friend to look at it as I retrieved my binoculars from the truck, we both got a good look at this UFO and observed red, orange, blue and green lights that flashed around the perimeter of the craft, from where we were standing I would estimate it was over Lake Erie and about three times the size of jet aircraft I regularly see on approach to Buffalo airport but outside of their approach paths. As we were looking at this UFO and debating as to getting out my telescope,it started to glow orange and disappeared from sight, I believe it just shot straight up but it happened in less than a blink of an eye. We cannot be the only ones that saw this UFO as it was a beautiful warm clear night, especially for October. UFO Sighting occurred on October 09,2018 Hamburg New York

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