Reflection off of Metallic UFO Sighting Clear Blue Sky

While eating lunch sitting in an empty parking lot a small propeller plane caught my attention. As it turned from south to maybe southeast, the reflection from the plane flashed. I watched it continue for some ten or fifteen seconds more before another reflection behind and above the plane caught my eye. This UFO Sighting was moving easterly, must have turned also because it changed from a reflection to a dark spot or dot. It then went straight up and disappeared. The total time could not have been more than 5 seconds. the sky was clear and blue. The UFO Sighting vanished almost at the same time as it changed direction. but not before I saw it moving up. I kept searching the sky to see if I could another reflection as it turned again, but the sky was empty. It's normal to high flying commercial aircraft headed to Philadelphia, but those reflections last longer and once seen, you can then make out the basic shape of the aircraft. In any case, they never go straight up. mufon cms#111043 Bear Delaware 8/20/20

boy looking at a UFO in sky

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