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Reddish Triangle UFO Sighting over Sea North of Portugal

At 2:AM July 11th 2019 I started to hear seagulls squawking which is pretty unusual. Since they were keep making noise for a while I went to the balcony to see why the commotion. I live half a mile from the coast. I had a UFO Sighting of a Reddish Triangle UFO hovering over the sea, quite big. Now in this location it is pretty common to have fishing boats and other kind of vessels, but it was nothing like that.

In fact, there were two different boats near it, like 50-100 meters to the right and left, I guess. Unlike this vessels which have small distinct white lights, what I saw was like a huge mass of lava-like light, slowly fading into nothingness. Coincidence or not, when the UFO Sighting event ended, the gulls went quiet. I had a similar UFO Sighting experience July 2012, but that time it was bigger and spherical. mufon 

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