Rectangle Shaped UFO Reported Myrtle Beach SC

It was a moon lite sky over the Atlantic ocean. All of the sudden 5 red UFO lights in a straight line appeared out of nowhere.30 seconds later they disappeared just as quickly. My wife and I noticed them reappearing again what looked to be about 2 or 3 miles to the north. At this time there are only 4 UFO lights in a straight line. Then about 30 seconds later it instantly disappeared again. Then a couple of more miles to the north 1 UFO light appeared then disappeared within a couple of seconds. About 1 minute later one of the lights that looked identical to the others reappeared at the same point where they began. The UFO Sighting looked to be bigger than two aircraft carriers in length and definitely at least a couple thousand feet in the air! UFO Sighting occurred on 9/10/19

Rectangle Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Myrtle Beach SC 9_10_19

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