Real UFO UAP Sightings Captured on Video Over Japan 1-16-22

This is UFO UAP videos and images are captured by Automatic Observation and Imaging Device Robot “SID-1®” that developed by the “Space Phenomena Observatory Center(SPOC) ™©”(Tokyo Japan). I am the founder of “Space Phenomena Observatory Center(SPOC) ™©” Tokyo Japan. And I am also a staff of “JSPS™©”, the most scientific and famous UFO UAP research organization in Japan. There are many meaningless UFO UAP photos and videos such as various fake images and misidentification/shooting of artificial objects such as aircraft. Therefore, to be treated as a research target, UFO UAP and unknown phenomena by SID-1 are automatically videos recorded without human intervention, and record accurate many data such as GPS information, viewing angle, elevation/depression angle, azimuth, date and time, weather, wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, detection time, elapsed time, disappearance time and flight record of aircraft, etc. Since its establishment, we have been actively catching various unidentified and mysterious phenomena, UFOs, UAPs, etc. occurring in the air and space in the Earth's atmosphere, and recording them with scientific consideration from various angles. SID-1® has captured many mysterious flying objects and successfully recorded video. Here are some still images from those videos. Of course, these are not fake. This is the Digest edition of the SID-1® video and image. 

UFO UAP Sightings From Space Phenomena Observatory Center

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