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Ralph Story And UFO Sightings Mania 1953

UFO News Today: "This particular show is interesting where he has as his guest the notorious UFO follower George Adamski, going to great lengths to explain his encounters with Extraterrestrials and his rock-steady belief that we aren't alone and weve been visited hundreds, if not thousands of times by UFO visitors from outer space."Ralph Story's Backyard - July 16, 1953 CBS Radio KNX, Los Angeles Gordon Skene Sound Collection Sadly, Ralph Story died in 2006 he was such an indelible figure in the life of Southern California that it just wouldn't be Los Angeles without him. He was a fixture in L.A. life since the... Ralph Story And UFO Mania – 1953 – Past Daily Weekend Gallimaufry  credit Stig Agermose

Ralph Story And UFO Mania 1953

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