RAF Boulmer Reports of UFO Sightings

UFO News Today: “Boulmer reports of UFO sightings were hushed up, July, 1977. THE X-Files came to RAF Boulmer as strange flying objects were spotted hovering over the North Sea by a fighter pilot at the base. In a case that would intrigue TV’s Mulder and Scully, bright objects were spotted by RAF staff in 1977. They changed shape as they watched.

So sensitive was the sighting that all records of it were hidden from public gaze and have only just been released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI). It was stored in the Ministry of Defense’s “possible extra-terrestrial contact” department, known only by the code name SF4.

It is one of many sightings listed by the Government where credible witnesses, such as military staff, policemen, and airline pilots, have reported UFOs.

The drama started in July 1977, when Flight Lieutenant AM Wood reported seeing the objects, saying the nearest was luminous, round, and four to five times the size of a Whirlwind helicopter. The two possible UFOs were seen hovering at a height of around 5,000 feet, and were three miles out to sea.” credit UFO Files Group F.B https://www.ufocasebook.com/rafboulmer1977.html

Two Black Disk UFOs

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