Radar is physical evidence of UFO Sightings

Radar is physical evidence of UFOs.

"British troops stationed at RAF Troodos – a base on Cyprus – listened in as the American crew called for help as a UFO cloaked in “a multitude of flashing lights, 20 at a time” zoned in. During the 90 minute incident, two US Navy F-14 fighters were scrambled and an RAF Phantom was diverted from a flying exercise to tail the intruder spotted on the south of the island. An investigation was opened into the bizarre sighting and sent to the US defence bods, documents show. Radar film, tapes and transcripts of the distress call were also analysed by intelligence officers – but removed from the files." credit Frank Stalter

UFO files reveal Cold War spy plane crew’s horror as mysterious craft ‘covered in 20 flashing lights. 

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