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Project Stargate - CIA Remote Viewing of Ancient UFO Aliens Video

UFO Project Stargate

View Video Below: On May 22, 1984, Central Intelligence Agency undertook a sanctioned remote viewing of ancient Mars. As a result of an FOIA lawsuit, a document was recently uncovered and placed on line in which CIA pursued the remote viewing of a number of Martian coordinates - and what they found was both bizarre and astounding. This now declassified report discloses the remote viewing of an ancient Martian civilization suffering under a geological and environmental catastrophe - and the subject even communicates with one of the entities. 

The subject reported pyramids, structures, and spindly entities who possessed a philosophical stance to their impending destruction. Why was CIA conducting this kind of research into ancient Mars and ancient civilizations? Who requested the investigation to begin with? And how did that person know the coordinates and the time period to search?

The implications of the answers to those questions are disturbing. CIA committed a project to remote view specific locations in a specific time period and search for ancient intelligence - do elements of the corptocracy have access to ancient knowledge of extraterrestrial life not privy to the general public?

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