Physics of Contact with UFO Alien Non Human Intelligence

"The Physics of Contact with Non-human Intelligence". A documentary Initiated and produced by The late Dr. Edgar Mitchell Disclosure
Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, a Not for Profit Corporation

The purpose of this documentary is to present ground-breaking physics concepts in an entertaining and educational 90 minute documentary that explains established and speculative physics that might explain contact with non-human intelligence (UFO Alien). New physics concepts will be presented from numerous Ph.D. physicists from major universities that will attempt to possibly explain "The Physics of Contact with Non-Human Intelligent Beings" via the different contact modalities of UFO Alien contact, near-death experiences (NDEs), out-of-body experiences (OBEs), and other paranormal phenomena. 

Our target audience is the general public, researchers and investigators, experiencers, scientists and academics. This diverse audience shall be reached via a diverse media distribution with subtitles in the major foreign languages. 

The 90 minute documentary will be divided into various concepts and segments. For each thematic concept we will present a mixture of comments from Near Death Experience and UFO Alien contact experiencers and expert analysis by many Ph.D. physicists from leading academic institutions. Members of FREE’s Board of Directors will be prominently featured. We shall utilize data from our ongoing Experiencer Research Study and from the NDE literature. 3D animation graphics will also be utilized to present these topics and concepts in an entertaining and informative. View Physics of UFO Alien Contact Video Here  credit Rey Hernandez

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