Photographer's Journey Through Heart of UFO Sightings Country

UFO News Today: From Area 51 to Roswell, a believer's-eye view of the desert.Ridicule is pockmarked throughout the entire phenomenon,says Greg Eghigian, a historian at Penn State University and author of multiple research papers on the history of UFO sightings and alien contact. But he sees a deeper meaning in the way people connect with these sites.What I consistently see across the board generally are people who are trying to find meaning, he adds.I think human beings are essentially meaning-makers and one of the ways, in fact, maybe the key way we often do that, is through stories.A Photographer's Journey Through the Heart of UFO Sightings Country Stories bring meaning to our lives."ATLASOBSCURA.COM credit F.Stalter

A Photographer’s Journey Through the Heart of UFO Sightings Country

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