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Philly Airport UFO Sighting reported at least Ten Glowing Hovering UFOs

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: My husband and 2 kids were driving home after a Saturday family outing on interstate 95 just south of Philadelphia (1 exit from the airport) heading north. Once we reached an area where there are 4 lanes and a lake to our left, we saw approx. 8-13 unfamiliar glowing UFOs hovering and not moving.

I've lived 1 mile from the airport my entire life and never witnessed anything like this. As we continued driving and reached what felt like directly underneath them, that is to say we could no longer look straight ahead but straight up, they began moving in different directions which to me felt like all over the place but both myself and Husband witnessed one merge with plane that had just recently taken off.

From our distance we are unable to make any claims but will say that from our viewpoint it appeared to approach a newly ascending plane and then it appeared the 2 UFOs were then 1 and remained that way until out of site. I also felt that the plane stopped ascending once the UFO reached it. We took the exit as we lived less then 1 mile away and watched them flying around the whole way home. We saw 2-3 more then they were no longer visible. mufon cms# 86580 UFO Sighting occurred on 9/9/17 over Prospect Park PA U.S.

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