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LIMA Peru: UFO News:  The Herald of all the officers in all the armed forces of the world, perhaps none has a more unusual job than Peruvian air force Commander Julio Chamorro: to investigate  and perhaps prove  the existence of UFOs. As head of the Office to Investigate Aerial Phenomena, Chamorro directs a seven-member team in charge of studying what he calls “anomalies that could cause problems with aviation.” Ostensibly, the office investigates planes that veer off course and hang gliders that steer too close to military bases, but that’s not the crux of the work. Of the hundreds of calls received each month by the office, Chamorro says at least half are to report UFO sightings. And Chamorro believes many are credible. ”There are several mysteries that we believe are highly important and which merit our full attention.”

LIMA Peru UFO Sightings

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