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George Wingfield: Linda Moulton-Howe's false UFO Sightings & crop circles..

George Wingfield and Colin Andrews tells of Linda Moulton-Howe's repeating pattern of ignoring the actual facts in favor of show biz stories. Crop Circles and UFOs.Carrion wrote: "The road of ufology is littered with dead-end tales of alleged crashed saucers, alien treaties, imminent UFO disclosure and other false claims made by shadowy figures with assumed names, false identities and alleged insider information.
Many respected ufologists have let their guard down when approached by an insider claiming altruistic motives for revealing their deepest, darkest secrets. Hoaxers and disinformation agents don’t play nice and the carrot they dangle can look very enticing to those of us who passionately want to find out the truth. To further darken the already murky ufological waters, the Internet has become the spawning ground of choice for new UFO myths, memes, and UFO Sightings disinformation. Virtual witnesses flourish in this anonymous environment, making incredible claims that are consumed by a hungry public more than willing to believe." credit Ryan Penka

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