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Pair Of UFOs appear in photo West Nyack New York

When I walked out of Macy's at the palisades mall at around 6:45-6:50 pm on Oct. 7th 2020, I noticed this intense cloud overhead that literally looks like an Aliens face. I took a few pictures of the sky because it was so weird and so Alien looking. I didn't see any lights when I took the picture. When I got in my car a minute or two later, put on my glasses, and sent the pics I took to a friend, I was shocked to see these two glowing objects oval/ orbs. I had taken pics of the same cloud in succession but the lights were only in one of the pictures. I drove over to the parking lot at home depot around 7 pm and I noticed another interesting looking cloud and took another picture. again, I didn't notice any lights but when I looked at the picture (again, with my glasses), I sighted 3 of the same color and similarly shaped UFOs. I was trying to see if it could be a light anomaly but I can't find one. there is nothing else blurry in that picture except those 3 lights which suggests it was possibly moving at a high speed and wasn't visible to me when I took the picture. mufon cms# 111728 West Nyack New York 10/7/20. This Region has had 3,983 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Two UFO Sightings of flying saucers 2020

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