Oval Shaped UFO Sighting Photo reported

Was taking fall foliage pictures locally on the afternoon of Tuesday 11/3/2015. Didn't seen the UFO initially. I was about to edit my photo set, some time later and was about to delete this picture when I noticed the strange UFO Sighting near the front of the nose of the airplane. Also at least one very small white orb like UFO Sighting above the left of the aircraft. You have to zoom in to see the detail too me, it does not appear to be a reflection by the sun that is why I want it the image to be reviewed. As for me I am a professional photographer and have taken several million images over the course of my career, this anomaly much different to any other sky/plane picture I have every taken. thought I lost this picture searched for it several times over the years, but found it today on a folder saved with old cell phone pictures 3/29/20 and submitted it for review. MUFON CMS# 107311 Haddonfield NJ Region has 1730 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

White Orb UFO Sighting reported NJ

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