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Orange UFO Fireball Sighting over Mountain Range CA

Bright orange light appeared in the sky and quickly descended towards the earth in a straight line. I saw a bright orange light appear in the sky, quickly descend towards the earth in a straight line and vanish before reaching the earth’s surface. The UFO Sighting was circular and the size of a dime. While it was in the distance, I could tell the flying UFO was in Earth’s stratosphere. It appeared the UFO Sighting was 20-30 km from the ground and exploring the mountains in Palm Springs. I was staying at Sparrow’s Lodge (E Palm Canyon Drive) and was facing South/South-West at the time of the UFO Sighting. To me, the most bizarre thing about the UFO Sighting was that the UFO was moving quickly towards the earth. I suppose I always imagined UFO’s beaming back to space, not towards us. nuforc.org UFO Sighting occurred over Palm Springs CA on 8/11/19

Orange Fireball UFO reported over Mountains CA 8_11_2019

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