OPREP-3 Classified U.S. Military UFO Sighting Report System

This could be an important situation people.. Ive found a new reporting system, or "channel", where UFO Sighting reporting occurs within the US military.. The system is called "Operational Reporting 3 [Event / Incident Reporting]"

And it is, (not can), IS used for UFO Sighting reporting. I have provided examples that will be quite shocking for some readers. Why hasn't this been sorted out years ago??

I am now attempting to access "OPREP-3" reporting records containing "events or incidents where unknown objects "UFOs", unidentified aircraft, unknown aircraft..." which have occurred over/around US military bases, or that have otherwise been considered extremely serious and threatening to the security of the military operations and missions. The only way to access them is to submit FOI requests to the National military Command Center (NMCC) J3 division, and the Major Commands (MAJCOMs) for such records. UFOs - Documenting The Evidence UFOS-DOCUMENTING-THE-EVIDENCE.BLOGSPOT.COM|BY PAUL DEAN

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