OPREP 3' A Classified US Military Reporting Channel For UFO Sighting Incidents?

OPREP-3s are a high level Military reporting channel for use when serious military incidents occur. We have seen the OPREP-3 reporting channel used for UFO Sighting events in the 1970s around US Air Force bases and, on one occasion, a US Navy base.

And now we find out that the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and the Aerospace Defense Command (ADCOM) maintained a specific OPREP-3 template for, in part, the reporting of  ''Unidentified Flying Objects – UFOs''.

This doctrine is from the 1970s - years after the US military stated that it had dropped the UFO matter.

 "OPREP-3" A Classified US Military Reporting  Channel For UFO Incidents? Part 4     Recently, in Part 1 , Part 2 and...UFOs - Documenting The Evidence  For those of you who want a quick review of this. Here goes: The doctrine (basically a special military document) I have highlighted my report is 1977 NORAD Manual. 1977 is of course years and years after Project Blue Book closed in 1969. When Blue Book closed the US Air Force explicitly stated that they were NOT handling the UFO matter any longer.. Yet, the records I have raised here mention ''Unidentified Flying Objects UFOs'' as a reporting requirement for NORAD Regions! And! The document also states that an OPREP-3 channel message will be used to report such UFO events. 

This is rather extraordinary. The USAF, NORAD, and anyone else were not even supposed to be using the term ''UFO'' let alone maintain dedicated doctrine for it!

So, this once again proves that all those US Air Force statements, media releases, fact sheets etc, about UFOs being of no concern, and, of being myth and misidentification with no reason to keep accepting reports, were absolute nonsense.

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