Observed Bloody Red UFO descending on neighbor’s field Central Poland

Landing of the “Merry Beings” in Gidle - Poland By Piotr Cielebiaś:
In April 2016 an elderly couple from Gowarzow (read: Gho-vash-ouv) village in the Radmsko area of Poland who had very interested story to tell. 
Gowarzow is a small, quiet community located amongst fields and forests in the Gidle commune in Central Poland. Neighboring Gidle village is famous from a Marian sanctuary with a miraculous stone figure that centuries ago was found in the field by a local farmer. But Mr. and Mrs. R., now both in their seventies had an even more miraculous story to tell. The UFO sighting occurred on January 10th 2011.

The couple were returning home at about 9 pm from a visit to their severely ill relative living several houses away. Gowarzow is a small village with houses very close to each to other and has an old shop building in the center. The witnesses recalled that the main road was empty and all the inhabitants were in their houses because the winter night was cold but very calm, without any wind, snow and ice. At about 9:10, R’s saw a bloody red spherical object coming out of the western sky.

They observed the UFO descending on to their neighbor’s field, about 300 m from their house. When they arrived at the location they clearly saw the strange object standing on the field behind a barn of their neighbor. Mr. R. who was the main witness in this incident said that at that moment his frightened wife went inside and he decided to examine the strange UFO from afar. It was about 9:20 pm when he began his observation of one of the strangest UFO landings I have ever heard of. Mr. R was observing the UFO standing near the barn on his lot. Although the UFO landed about 300 m away, it was clearly visible. The UFO was bloody red, spherical and about 5-6 m in diameter. Around the UFO there were at least 3 “small people” visible. It seemed that they stood on a sort of platform around the object and were bustling around.

There were also three “shafts of light” 2-3 m long, protruding from the top of the sphere. Mr. R. - a man of sharp mind and a very reliable observer stressed that the "Alien" beings around the UFO must be very small, just around 0.6 m tall. He said that they looked like excited children and were “joyfully” moving around the UFO. He was unfortunately too far away to recognize any features of the midget-like beings and Mr. R decided not to approach the scene any closer. But the most interesting aspect of the Gowarzow landing is the sound accompanying the landing. Mr. R. is sure that he could hear the “voices” of the "Alien" beings. Their speech must have been very loud and intensive and resembled “excited talk” although he could not recognize any details or words.

After about 10 minutes the "Alien" beings “disappeared” in some unknown way as well as the bright shafts of light. The ball - according to Mr. R. jumped up and down twice and then shot upwards disappearing in to the west. On the next day Mr. R and his neighbor examined the place of the alleged landing. The UFO must have stood on or was hovering over a small field between a grove of trees and a small pond. The grove of trees is close to a barn of Mr.R.’s neighbor who unfortunately saw nothing strange on that day (the barn is obscuring the view from his house). There were no traces left by the UFO or the beings. Mr. R. tried to discuss the encounter with his neighbors but it seems that he and his wife were the only witnesses to the UFO landing in the field. Mrs. R. several days after the incident asked the local priest what the bloody red object could have been? The priest had no idea. Five years after the incident the landing site has changed dramatically.

The pond had dried up and the shrubs had grown blocking the view on the landing site from Mr. R’s lot. Mr. R is still puzzled by the incident and asked himself: “Why did the small people seem to be so happy?”Piotr Cielebiaś is the author of ‘UFOs OVER POLAND’ published by Flying Disk Press which is now available on Amazon. special thanks & credit to Philip Mantle & Flying Disk Press

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