Night mass UFO sighting 10 multi-colored spinning egg-shaped glowing vehicles

I was a participant at Contact in the Desert - 2016. On the night of June 4,I was attending the Night Vision Sky watch at the Orion Lookout point. The facilitator was allowing attendees to use her night vision goggles, but I had brought my 7 X 50 binoculars. I saw a number of UFOs through the goggles that could qualify as ET spacecraft, but these were not included the more definitive sighting(s) that took place from about 10:20 PM to 10:43 PM. 

As a long-time star-gazer, I was looking up at the night sky with my own eyes, enjoying the cloudless clear desert sky when about 8 to 10 glowing objects appeared in the northwest. They were comparable in brightness to the planets Mars and Jupiter, which were visible in the sky (along with Saturn) that evening, but probably a little brighter. They were very easy to spot with the naked eye. They made no sound. The first wave of ships was not in a clear formation. They flew across the sky in a scattered array. I did not count the exact number because I focused on some of them with my binoculars to discern individual UFO details. 

The following text is an excerpt from my journal entry that I made on June 7th, 2016: 

I could make out details with my binoculars. The main swarm included 8 - 10 teardrop or oval shaped ship UFOs of colors from white to red, blue, amber, purple, and green. I could tell they were spinning in my binoculars. When a laser shined near them, they would flash light back in a crescent shape on the UFO ship. The blue ones (2) flashed white: 

The white ones (2) had a gray discoloring or highlight: 

They all rotated clockwise as they moved across our field of vision from left (north-west) to right (north-east). 

The circumpolar constellations were easily visible. Cassiopeia was on the north-east horizon, rising. 

Three flew by in formation after the first group appeared. These were blue and purple. I recall 2 blues, and one purple. I don't remember the color the purple one emanated. 

The last one was an emerald green, "star," which was alone. Diffuse green irregular splotches of light appeared above it as it flew by. 

It was smaller than the others. It curved away from us as it flew by. None of the ships made any sound. 

I couldn't count them all, but I thought that there were about 10. A woman I spoke to later said she counted 8. 

The purple one seemed "out of focus." Like a (point) source of light (unfocused). It appeared grainy. It was closer to a perfect circle in shape. I don't recall a highlight or a crescent. 

I didn't get a close look at the amber ones. They were in the first part of the swarm, and I moved my binoculars to look at the ones in formation. I didn't finish counting them before moving my binoculars to the ships flying in formation. 

I also saw multiple possible ships through the night vision goggles. I saw a few, "power up," and, "power down" as they moved in straight lines, well above the horizon. 

(drawing of ship waves, the northern horizon, Polaris and Cassiopeia.) 


I had initially thought that the time between the first and second waves was about 30 seconds. The time between the second and third waves seemed to be about 2 minutes. 

I did not see precisely how the ships disappeared, except for the final green one. I could tell that its path veered away from us. It disappeared over the north-east horizon, flying toward the constellation Cassiopeia, flashing as it receded. I was moving my binoculars between ships, and they just kept flying to the north-east. Strangely enough, I don't recall how any of the ships in the first two waves left my field of vision. 

I could not make a reliable estimation of the sizes or distances of the UFOs. I saw no effect of their lights on the ground. 

I texted a friend of mine who was at the event, in another location. 
My first text was at 10:30 PM. It read: 

Multiple sightings at Orion Lookout. Many colors. AMAZING!!!GET DOWN HERE!!! 

10:31 PM: Many colors. (corrected my spelling) 

10:43 PM: At least 10. Lost count. from north west. 

10:44 PM: Another one. or two. 

It thus appears that about 15 minutes passed between the second and third waves. I took photographs of my texts, and the time stamps on them. I'm trying to save them for later reference. 

When I first saw them, I was certain that they were ET spacecraft UFOs. I had seen plenty of planes that evening, as well as all my life. I did wonder about this, but the protocol included shining powerful hand-lasers at them. We were told that it's illegal to do this to airplanes (it blinds the pilots). 

If they had been airplanes, the entire conference would have been shut down, according to the facilitator. I could see the beams of the lasers as I observed the ships in my binoculars, as well as their flashed responses. 
Over the decades, I've seen planes through binoculars and telescopes at day and night, and these NOTHING LIKE ANYTHING REMOTELY RESEMBLING JETS OR PLANES. I have been star-gazing since the '70s, and I know how to identify objects seen through optical instrumentation. Of course, I was excited. A shout went up from the crowd. We were heard all over the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. I had participated in observing exercises, and have seen objects that could be regarded as ET craft, but this was my first definitive experience in these matters. It was far and away, the best part of the conference. 

I hadn't planned on staying out there that long. I had expected to go to the party where the conference presenters were hanging out. But I enjoyed the beauty of the view so much, that I was in no hurry to leave the observation point. I talked to one of the assistants, and she was impressed with me for having my own equipment, and invited me to stay with her to watch the sky. They were rotating people through due to the limited number of night vision goggles. I had left my telescope in my car because of the distance I would have had to carry it - I didn't want to risk dropping and breaking it. Apparently, I had made the right decision to just bring the binoculars. I was told that there was a film crew at the UFO sighting, and that they were able to get footage of the UFO sighting. I'm trying to follow-up with people who were there. 

This experience was a life-changer. I ate a late dinner with the facilitator and some of the assistants. They shared a number of veteran stories of sightings and experiences with the big names in the UFO community. I didn't want the evening to end. I bought some new equipment to better observe the sky and look for more ET spacecraft. I am certain that I will see them. I informed other people in the UFO community about my experience, and am in the process of taking a larger role in search and contact preparation activities. MUFON CMS# 78424

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