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Within this UFO News Video there is an Interesting presentation, gives more background on “Unity” and Jay lots of consciousness jargon, some woo, and absence of formal steps to test “beliefs”. Dolan likes a lot of it. This “consciousness” angle is gaining strength. Jay presents some of his personal experience with the phenomenon, too. For me it raises the question: Are the visitors able to manage, change cognitive skills, actions from a distance. And is it just another step from terminating, altering computer codes, instructions at nuclear missiles sites, power plants, etc.? Or reading multiple encrypted messages at different locations that then allows the visitors to meet our Hornets at the cap point? If you can control what people think, believe, experience, even cloak it. And thereby adjust their grasp, understanding of their environments create positive, negative, or ambivalent views of a subject matter, even UFO Alien visitations themselves then it’s indeed game over. How would Sapiens react to that? What is the defense? As always, more evidence needed  challenges, counterfactuals, deconstructions, alternatives, analysis, etc. credit Rebecca Auge.  Never the less  for this UFO News Video program, Richard is joined by Jay of the You-tube channel Project Unity. Jay recently did an important follow-up interview with New York Times journalists Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, discussing their latest piece on UFOs. Richard and Jay talk about that and much more of relevance to the entire story of what's going on with UFOs and UFO News and the media. That part of the interview doesn't begin until 34 minutes in, as they spend most of the first half hour talking about Jay's interest in CE5 initiatives, that is self-initiated "contact" with non-human/ET intelligences. Although popularized by Dr. Steven Greer, CE5 is being done by many people on their own. Jay has his own very interesting stories to tell in that regard.

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