New Gimbal UFO Sighting Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Military Video 2017

UFO News: Pentagon Program released their first video from an F/A -18 Super Hornet. This UFO film has no confirmed date or location or pilot. This is NOT the 2004 NIMITZ Battle Group UFO Sighting encounter according to Luis Elizondo. Trimmed and cropped for easier viewing.

The Deep State UFO Programs

It seems Mick West is favorably assessed within CSI(COP) circles, so one pretty much can derive from that what his general mindset is. That said, has he presented his analysis to the individuals involved in the UFO project like Luis Elizondo and the military pilots involved (which are by the way trained observers)? It would be interesting to hear what they have to say. Or are we to accept West's analysis without verifying? I could be wrong but it seems CSICOP advocates are trying to create the false impression that the ones on the inside are totally incompetent! As Luis Elizondo remarked:We had Ph.D.s we had CI people, we had trained intelligence officers and human case officers pretty much a full range of talent ,There is a lot of rigor and diligence that is placed in looking at these. And there are some I will tell you there is some real talent in the department and in other agencies within the U.S. government that have just an absolute incredible battery of tools to apply towards these things to make sure that we know what we are looking at. And truth be told sometimes we do. We look and say oh that is X Y Z and the reason why it looks this way is because of A, B, C. But unfortunately there are other incidents that can not be explained. And our job is to do is figure out really it very simple what is it and how does it work? Andre Skodras

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