Navy UFO Sightings Encounters Again in News

Which is why its press statement on Monday includes the subtle reference to "subsequent investigations" of UFO Sightings incidents. That's the Navy's way of admitting that these UFO Encounters is an active issue. But the Navy and Pentagon should take Reid's advice here. They should get ahead of the curve by making public more of what they know. Because even as the military drags its feet on freedom of information requests and journalistic inquiries, much more is eventually going to leak about the UFO Sightings issue. Partly because the military is too big to act with coordinated secrecy but mainly because too many military personnel have had UFO Sightings with their own eyes, gun cameras, satellite and ballistic missile sensors, sonar, and radar platforms. In short, too much data exists from too many sources who are more willing than ever to come forward. Credit F.Stalter

Navy UFO Sightings Operation Mainbrace

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