Navy UFO Sighting Incident Mystery Deepens

UFO News: The U.S. Navy’s acknowledgment  that the 2004 videos of an encounter with a UFO Sighting were real has caused much consternation. Now, a new report says two “unknown individuals” told several Naval officers who witnessed the event, known as the USS Nimitz UFO Sighting incident, to delete evidence.“They were not on the ship earlier, and I didn’t see them come on. I’m not sure how they got there,” said P.J. Hughes, who was miles away from the Princeton, and was unaware of the "UFO Incident", in the interview. Hughes added that he was told by his commanding officer to turn over the recently secured hard drives of the airborne early-warning aircraft, the E-2 Hawkeye. “We put them in the bags, he took them, then he and the two anonymous officers left.” according to a recent New York Post article Navy UFO Mystery Deepens amid Disclosure

Navy UFO Disk Sighting

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