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Mystery Eclipse & UFO Sightings captured by closed down Solar Observatory

"Now, one person who was snapping images of the Sun believes she saw a huge UFO followed by a massive fleet of smaller UFOs passing behind the sun leading some to believe that this is why the solar observatories were closed down so the FBI could keep the discovery under wraps. The image was taken by Maria Hill from Salem, Indiana, on September 11 and appears to show UFO spaceships lurking near to the Sun. Ms. Hill wrote on Facebook alongside the images: This is what showed up in my camera after I took a picture of the sun in the eastern sky this morning. iPhone 8 with a camera lens adapter. A green circular door-like object is at the center of the vortex/worm hole and a serpent snake at the top right above it, by a circular disc. I am sure this has a symbolic meaning with the snake and the disc. Website UFO Sightings Hot spot believes this is the reason the observatories have been closed down." 

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