MUFON Sixteen UFO Sighting July 4th reports across United states

It is common knowledge within the UFO community that on July 4th UFO Sightings can be viewed during the fire work displays across America. Mufon (Mutual UFO Network) received as of July 5th 2019 Sixteen such UFO Sightings reports covering over thirteen states. Florida received four UFO reports, while California had three reports following with WA,MD,MS,AR,OH,DE,NJ,PA. The UFO Sightings that were reported ranged from 4-5 UFO's flying in unison, Black oval like UFO quietly hovering and then switching directions into nearby cloud over Silver Spring MD, too Glowing reddish orange orbs/spheres reported over Florida & Pennsylvania. If you have had a UFO Sightings and would like to share your experience please post your report on our website 

UFO Sightings reports on July 4th fire work displays

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