Morphing UFO Sighting over Hudson River New York 9/27/17 see report

UFO Sighting occurred at Sunset on Wednesday, September 27th, 2017, not a single cloud in the sky. I happen to be sitting on a bench next to the Hudson River (in Poughkeepsie, NY) in deep meditation. When I came out of my meditative state, I was feeling very groggy (never happens). Something told me to look up to the left towards the moon.

As soon as I looked up I saw a UFO craft coming from the SE. But it didn't appear to be coming from a distance. It kind of appeared in the sky. At first, I was pretty sure it was an airplane since it had a flashing white light on it, though I found it strange the flight altitude was much lower than usual for an airplane. As it starts to turn slightly, I start to notice that what I was looking at was not an airplane. The structure had a white flashing light in the back. Attached to a fluorescent light green cylindrical center. On one end, there were three squares. One next to the other, and they seemed to extend quite a bit from the UFO craft.

Very distinguishable. All three squares were a bright, pinkish red. Then, as soon as I come to the realization that I'm seeing something I've never seen before, the UFO Sighting comes to a dead stop! At that moment the UFO Sighting morphs into a beautiful emerald green fluttering zigzag. It was kind of like a strobe light. I've never seen such brilliantly clear, intense colors! When the UFO morphed back to it's original shape, I jumped off the bench and started filming. 
As soon as I started filming, the UFO craft performed a straight descent then just like a right angle went left on a straight line, in the complete opposite direction. As I started to film, and realizing what was going on I automatically started to send the UFO positive thoughts, love and peace. As soon as I had done that, the UFO came back in my direction, stopped and flashed three consecutive white lights straight towards me! After this happened things became a bit blurry and I started to feel as if I could sense whoever was on the UFO.

I kind of became deliriously happy. Not afraid, happy. As soon as I snapped out of it, the UFO morphed ascended and morphed into the emerald green strobe. Then the UFO went back to it's original shape, did a 360 degree turn and steadily, without a single sound headed east until it was out of sight. Now, as I had mentioned earlier, I was filming most of this with my iPhone. I was holding my iPhone about a foot in front of my face, slightly above the horizon with my left eye on the craft and my right eye on my phone so that I could be sure that I was filming everything correctly and catching all of the action. I filmed for at least 3-5 minutes. What happens next just adds to this mystery.

 After the UFO left, I felt as if some kind of spell was broken. My head was heavy and I was dizzy for a while. Kind of like a bad hangover. I walked back over to the bench to sit and to anxiously watch the footage I had taken with my phone. I turn the video on, and all that's on it, is a 15 second video of the ground! I was not filming anywhere near the ground. Also, if I was filming the ground, chances are you'd see my feet. Nothing. During the UFO video you can hear me breathing very heavily and at the end I let out a strange kind of happy sound from my mouth. Friends of mine who have seen the UFO video, were really freaked by it. How this happened is beyond me! I meditate on a daily basis. I am a Buddhist and a believer of Alien life. For the past two weeks, I've been sending out positive messages of love and light into space hoping that I would receive my first true experience. I'm pretty sure that was it! I can't get it out of my head, and I also have the feeling that I will be seeing the UFO again. Also, a buddy of mine who has a boat docked in the area where I had my UFO Sighting has had quite a few himself. mufon cms#87032 UFO Video wasn't published by mufon

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