Milky White UFO Lights Nairobi Kenya

Me and my wife were strolling in our garden and it was twilight, meaning the sky was not pitch dark but has some glow along with some star especially the evening star was bright. Suddenly we saw bright flash of light like a bright LED bulb shined and followed by other such UFO lights one after the other in a straight line covering a distance of about 4 feet in the sky as if the UFO lights were placed an straight panel. The UFOs glowed 4 to 5 times in over at least 8-10 seconds. But we are very clear that the light from wherever it was cumming from the source was stable and was not moving across the sky. The source must have been very very far, beyond the comprehensible limits since we could not see any Object or any shape as such, especially since we could see a couple of planes flying much further but still could make the shape of the aircraft. But the UFO light were pretty well coordinated and one after the other in a straight line. This 'thing' was placed in north! eastern direction and directly in a straight line opposite from the constellation of Roman Soldier's waist knife. when these lights were glowing a similar light band was at the same time displaying similar pattern and was near to the head of the constellation of the Roman soldier, placed almost in the 'true' east direction. This was also behaving almost similarly to the light in the northeast direction. But after about 8-10 second of the display no further happening, though we kept watching for another hour and spotted a few aircraft and a couple of satellites passing by, but no such happenings. We initially thought maybe it was some sort of meteor shower but the perfect coordination of the lights in a straight line covering 3-4 feet in sky, at the very same spot and the simultaneous lights from two different places, a simple natural phenomenon can't seem likely, still wondering what is that we say.

UFO Sighting reported 2-21-20 NUFORC UFO Report 

Bright UFO Lights in sky

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