Metallic UFO Sighting rising up rotating UK

I saw a metallic UFO Sighting rising up rotating with sun reflecting from it looked like it was giving Morse Code. UFO Sighting was rising up slowly I observed for approximately 10 minutes there was a helicopter about 20 miles away when checked on radar box app also passenger plane had just taken off from Stanstead airport. I saw the UFO Sighting was at least 15miles away but it was not on radar box. I took pictures out of 9 frames only got it once. picture 1 is of UFO Sighting. Taken i-phone 8plus at max zoom. I love find out what this was. mufon cms# 109561 Sawbridgeworth Hertfordshire UK Region has had 2,163 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

UK UFO Sighting reported

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